Nourish your body and soul with the healing power of New Zealand’s nature


Little known health secrets revealed by renowned herbal healing and wellness expert


Imagine if you could join like-minded people on the ultimate wellness weekend
immersed in the pristine native bush of New Zealand

Hi, I’m Sharlene.  I’ve been helping people heal for the past 15 years.

I’m passionate about natural health and have designed the ultimate healing retreat for you to get away from it all and take the time to heal your mind, body and soul.

New Zealand native plants contain unique healing properties not found anywhere else in the world.

I’ve spent years studying and applying the healing benefits of our unique flora.  I’ve taken many kiwis on their personal healing journeys – creating individual healing plans with herbal remedies designed for each person.

My wellness retreats are an extension of this – we’ll connect together as a group in activities, however your healing journey and herbal remedies will be distinctly different for every attendee.

My healing retreats are designed to be a peaceful and energising getaway to re-invigorate your life.

Relax and unwind in comfortable surrounds deep in the stunning Waitakere Ranges, overlooking Karekare Beach…

I’ve combined my passion for natural healing with my 15 years’ experience using native plants to make the ultimate healing retreat.

Here’s your chance to join me as I host and your group showing off the best of majestic New Zealand flora – giving you behind the scenes access and showing you how to create your own powerful herbal remedies.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to experience the very best of New Zealand’s nature as well as enjoy time out for yourself with a group of fun, like-minded friends.

How do you know if the retreat is for you?


You want to create meaningful memories surrounded by nature
You have a passion for healing yourself naturally
You’d love to experience New Zealand’s native bush in an authentic, life-changing way
You’d like to learn more natural herbal remedies and even try your hand at it
You want to have a safe, well organised trip with other friendly like-minded people
You want to be able to kick back, relax and have fun without worrying about all the small details
You love nature and would jump at the chance to make some of your own herbal remedies using freshly picked native plants
You think visiting the native bush with someone who knows about the healing powers of the plants inside it would be an advantage

What do you get when you join my Ultimate Healing Retreat?


  • An epic guided bush walk
  • Swimming at a beautiful waterfall
  • The chance to make your own herbal medicines including a signature flower essence based on the plants that you choose for yourself
  • You’ll take part in a moving soul journey to release your worries and feel rejuvenated to achieve your soul purpose
  • Guided meditations and a water ceremony
  • On the second night we will celebrate the full moon with a heart opening cocoa ceremony, and dancing…


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My personal healing retreat experience…


How good does a Retreat sound? A chance to kick back, tune in to your own needs, forget your worries and concentrate on self-care for just one weekend.

Strangely, and I’m going to get personal here for a moment, my first opportunity to go on retreat was scary. I pretty much cried the whole time.

I hadn’t planned to go but I won a spot to join several other naturopaths from the business course we had all just completed. I had a couple of weeks to get ready.

I packed my bags, was happy to leave an NZ winter and boarded a plane alone… without my partner.. without my daughter and without my one year old son who had to give up breast feeding in a hurry.

I fought a whole bunch of unwelcome emotions telling me I shouldn’t go. I’m not good enough.. I don’t deserve it.. who do I think I am even trying to be part of this phenomenal group of naturopaths who were actually doing amazing things with their businesses – I’m just part time.

And the big one, how on earth could I leave my kids? and my poor baby, how could he even survive without me?

What made me jump? What made feel that fear and do it anyway is I craved connection with these other practitioners and with myself. I’d been everything for everyone else for too long and I was suffering. I barely looked in the mirror, I wore trackies day and night, sometimes I didn’t even brush my hair. Exercise? What is that? Eating right? Does that include the kid’s leftovers? I was in a hole and I needed to see and feel something different than exhaustion all the time.

The Retreat I went on was exceptional. I cried a lot but it was exactly what I needed. I cried with relief when I laid eyes on my roomie – she didn’t give a stuff about my need to express milk and just accepted me, all of me. I cried while releasing fears under a magnificent waterfall, and I cried harder when I connected with my life purpose. (Wow moment) I cried and my heart literally stopped as I swung out over the forest on a giant swing, and I cried at the end of the retreat because I knew I found my tribe and I was going to miss them. (I also kept saying “I’m not normally like this, I’m not a crier!”)

I’m sharing this because I know I’m not alone in feeling so low and needing a break, but being so deep into looking after others that it was hard to recognize I needed the break. Going on that retreat helped me and in turn helped my family have a better mum once I returned. I was buzzing for days, I had more energy, more direction, more purpose and more love.

Now I want to offer that opportunity to you. To have a break, to reconnect with yourself and to connect with your own tribe of health practitioners.

There will be lots of learning involved, and lots of time out for you to explore both the surroundings and the amazingness that you are inside…

Secure your spot at an upcoming retreat
Register Now from only $200