Restore Your Vitality
Using the Nourishing Healing Properties of
New Zealand’s Native Herbs.

Reduce stress, gain more energy and be happy in your own skin
with your very own tailor-made personal healing plan.

Hi, I’m Sharlene, Medical Herbalist, Naturopath, Reiki healer and owner of Remedy Natural Health Clinic.

I help people reconnect with themselves, their health and their environment.

Sharlene Ellis
Medical Herbalist and Naturopath

BHSc Complimentary Medicine
Advanced Diploma Herbal Medicine
Advanced Certificate Natural Fertility Management
Accredited Advanced Hemaview Practitioner
Member NZ Naturopathic Society Inc
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Are you tired all the time?


Revved up over your crazy busy lifestyle?

When was the last time you took time out for yourself?

I’m passionate about natural healing and have helped many kiwis on their personal healing journeys; drawing on my years of experience to design and implement individual healing plans and herbal remedies.

I provide a wide range of clinical testing including Live Blood Analysis (LBA), Vitality (VLA) testing, hair analysis for food and environmental intolerances, and functional testing.

Many people tell me that my friendly manner and ability to truly listen immediately puts them at ease.

I love to build relationships with people, touching base regularly to make sure you continue to feel revitalised, and energetic.

My goal is always to empower you to feel in control of your health and happiness.

When our bodies are not optimally healthy, we can’t enjoy life to the fullest.

So please let me join you on your journey to full health.

Allow me to help you heal.

If you experience  

  • tiredness, stress or bloating
  • hormonal weight gain or mood swings or acne
  • fertility issues, menstrual or menopausal issues
  • gut discomfort or irritable bowel
  • fibromyalgia or auto immune disease
  • a lack of time to take care of yourself

I can help you.


At Remedy Natural Health Clinic we understand what it takes to truly live a happy healthy life and want to help you be the best you can be.



Whether you choose to attend one of my wellness retreats, immersed in the New Zealand native forest and absorbing the healing energy of nature,

Or prefer to work with me each month in one on one consultations online or in person,

I will listen to you and walk on your healing journey with you.

I will create a personalised health plan for you, using the incredibly powerful healing herbs found in my own backyard, the native plants of New Zealand.

I source these practitioner-only herbs from New Zealand’s most trusted naturopathic provider, and tailor make herbal remedies personally just for you.

I will walk you hand in hand, one on one back to full mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

I’ll continue your follow up care monthly, for a full year, or for as long as you’d like my help. Many of my clients end up coming back to me year after year to get re-balanced or whenever they need that extra boost to return to full health.

The human body has an amazingly powerful ability to heal.  Sometimes it’s just easier with the help of nature.



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